french films. Without Amelie and The Untouchables

French films. Without Amelie and The Untouchables


Who-who, and the French know how to make great movies. About love, about family, about friendship and any other eternal values. Without pathos and tension, naturally and warmly. Almost any film made in this country sinks into the soul and leaves a bright, thoughtful sadness. Even if it was a comedy.

The caption has compiled for you a small list of jaded films from masters over the atmosphere.

Crazy neighbors

A professor and author of the book Neighborhood, who takes part in television debates about immigrants, invites anyone to live at his house. What you won’t do in the name of sales and ratings. And now the gypsy camp is on the doorstep! A noisy family turns upside down the whole measured life of the four Fougerolles. The houses are a zoo, a song, dancing and clowning.

My best friend

Francois is a successful antique dealer leading a luxurious lifestyle. But he is arrogant, egocentric and expectedly lonely. Catherine, his business partner, offers a bet, Francois must make friends, and a valuable Greek vase is at stake. Just a few days, a notebook and an old vase as motivation.

Lingerie Family

A beautiful story about a family where everyone is deaf and only sixteen-year-old Paula speaks, hears and sings beautifully. She is the connection of the family with the world. But Paula had a dream, she wants to win a vocal competition, which will be held in Paris. A great film en entier about support, understanding and how to build your life.

Gregory Mulin vs. Humanity

Gregory is not terribly rushing: he was born on Friday the thirteenth; when he was a child, his parents jumped out of the window on his birthday; the girl with whom he was in love beat him. And so all my life. But one day, Gregory will fall in love and find the strength to confess to this object of his sighs. And a whole heap of new adventures and trials will fall on him. But all this so that he becomes the happiest person in this world.

Bank error in your favor

The film takes place in those distant times when the abuse of insider information was not punishable. And the main character decided to do this in order to fulfill his dream – to open a restaurant. Moreover, the banks refused to grant him a loan for this business. And this would not be a French film, if it had not turned out to be a film about love!


This comedy is perfect for any weather, but it’s best to watch it when the weather is so-so and the mood matches it. The story of the future father, who chose a name for the child and told it to his family. Close shocked. You will be too. Witty dialogues and a great acting game will develop this tie and will cheer you up.

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