love films from sunny Spain

Love films from sunny Spain


Our lovers

Two casual visitors in a cafe, experiencing not the best times in their personal lives, get acquainted and decide to start an impromptu novel: without names, obligations, or any plans for the future. A bright and adventurous adventure pleases both, until one day it is discovered that in real life there is a connection between them. A lively and interesting story filled with tenderness and faith in love.

Secrets of sex and love

A daring, funny and frank comedy about the people of Madrid who are trying to improve their relationship and intimate life, which is not going well. The film shows several separate stories, in each of which the heroes have their own peculiarities and oddities that they will have to accept and love in order to enjoy life.

Sorry for love

The Spanish peliculas online HD remake of the Italian film of the same name as an example of an unexpected and passionate novel by a 37-year-old designer and a young schoolgirl convincingly demonstrates the truth that there are no barriers to true love – neither age, nor social, nor moral. A beautiful summer fairy tale that will charge with optimism and make you smile.

Ham, ham

The funny and sad story of the classic mesalliance in a unique and very ardent performance of the young Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. The infantile son of the factory owner falls in love with the daughter of a prostitute and is going to marry her, but the domineering mother is traditionally against and begins to cost intrigues and weave intrigues. The plot as it develops is surrounded by unexpected details, and blood from stage to stage boils more and more.

Jigsaw puzzle

Thirteen months of the same story, filmed by thirteen different directors, show the development of relations between two visiting students from the moment of acquaintance and mutual hostility to mutual love. An energetic movie filled with drive and emotions.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Woody Allen, the master of light and witty cinema, created a stunning love cocktail in which the city of Barcelona is a separate character and the strongest of the ingredients. Girlfriends Vicky and Cristina come for a summer vacation in Spain, where they enjoy their holidays and enjoy works of art. But their life is completely turned over when they meet the charismatic artist Juan Antonio, and then his ex-wife Elena. What happened next, see for yourself.

Lesbian Diary

A tender and sensual drama about the life of a young girl, first love, acceptance, self-knowledge and attitude to life. And let the name not bother you, this is just an unsuccessful adaptation of domestic distributors.

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